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Complex Team is:
Beghins (Agostino Bocchi)
Project Leader
Oni (Pavel Kyrs)
Lead Artist, 2D/3D Graphic
On Sketchfab
2D/3D Graphic
Van_Der_Goes (Paolo Mazzoccato)
2D/3D Graphic
Content, Quality
Complex [HW Remastered] - other contributors:
The Vaygr Machinegun Corvette is a remasterization of the original model from the homeworld:@ team,

Special thanks to:
Complex Community,
Gearbox Software,
Complex [HW2 Classic] - other contributors:
3D Models of: XBomber, Spy, Intruder, Minegun Corvette, Sniper Frigate, Defender, Storm Corvette, MultiLance Corvette, Warfare Frigate are by Greggy's Lab from Modernization mod
3D Models of: Shiry, Mechgun Corvette, Tulwar Frigate are by Jodonnell from Point Defense System mod
3D Models of: Hiigaran Cruisers (Type A - B) are by Axel
3D Model of: Striker Corvette is from Homeworld:@ mod
3D Models of: Battle Ark, Trade Convoy are by Whisper2Me
3D Models of: Hiigaran Battle Carrier, Missile Battlecruiser, Support Frigate, Adv. Refinery by Pouk (REARM)
3D Models of: Missile Fighter, Vaygr Cruiser and Guardian are from Pirates mod
3D Models of planets are from Warlords mod
Random map functions are by Mikail
Heavy Ion Cannon FXs are by Enterprise-E
Explosion FXs (final part) are by Avatar II from Homeworld:@ mod

Special thanks to:
Complex Community,
Homeworld 2 Community and Relic Development Network,